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Choosing your keywords

What Is The Importance Of Choosing The Right Keywords?

   When you first choosing a domain using keywords this can give you an edge in search results. This may not be huge factor in the long run but can give you an edge if your competing in search results. If choose a niche keyword that has little competition compared to other highly competitive terms. Knowing your keywords will also help you in search results and will bring targeted traffic to your site if your able to rank high for a specific term. Some keywords are worth more than just traffic they are also worth money to your business.

Using Keywords On Your Website

  When it come to ranking in search results keywords play an important role. But how can I use this information to help me rank well in search results? Well for one you will need to know what keywords you need to help you rank. After you know you will then have implement these words in to you content. Research is an important part at this time.

Using Keywords - On-page SEO

  You will want to use these keywords on the page you intend to get in search results. You will need to mention this words several times at the top of your page and throughout the page. This will play an important part in search engines. You need the right amount not to much as this will trigger a red flag and hurt you. About 3-4% is the most you will want. Try to use the exact keyword phase. After that then you will want to use the words but not in order. If you do it right, this will make a big difference in search results. Iím sure the next question is. will this get me ranked? The answer is if itís a niche keyword maybe but 9 out of ten time this is not enough. Itís also important to try to use your keywords in internal links, as this will give you a slight boost. You will still have to make it easy for the user to understand. So use it when you can but donít make it hard for visitors.

Using Keywords - Off-page SEO

   Once you have used the keywords in your on-page content you will then need to use this on your off-page content. This is the part where most people mess up. So how can I get a ranking for my specific keyword phase? Well the next thing you need to do is create links back to your webpage. This will give you a boost in search results. But you must use the keywords in your anchor text (The text used in your links). Now, the thing is it might be hard to use the exact phase in your links and people that link to you wonít always use this. But for the links you can control this is a very important step you can take. Try to get creative if you canít use your keyword phase use at least one of your keywords. This will still give you a boost. When you add them up they count. If your targeting a very specific keyword phrase and it has little competition you will rank very fast when you combine your keywords with on-page and off-page SEO. Make sure the link has does not have the nofollow code.

How To Find Out What My Keywords Are

  Before you can rank you have to know what your keyword are. The question is how? The answer is very simple. Ask yourself what you would search for if you were trying to find what your site offers. Get a peace of paper and write down words that you would search for if you were looking for your site. Get a little list. You donít have to get to crazy. This can be hard at first. Especially if youíre new to this. The basic idea is to just get a basic idea.

Your Keywords The Next Step

  After you have a small basic list you will then need to take things farther. Just because you think that this is right it doesnít mean that other people will. Wouldnít it be nice to know how often a keyword phase is searched for in a month? That way you will know if itís worth your time to optimize your webpage for that search term.

Find Out A Keyword Search Volume

  So next step is to find out and modify your search terms. The more targeted a search term is the better, right? Even better find a keyword with a lot of searches. A well-targeted keyword with high search volume is worth its weight in gold. There is a place to research this and find out if you're targeting the right one. Itís called the overture keyword selector tool. It is a free tool by the way. But very helpful for any online business/website. This just gives you a basic idea. Searches very!

Keyword Search Volume Tool

After You've Found Your Keywords

  After you have found out your keywords you will need to know if you can rank well for that search term. You should know that some words are impossible to get any kind of rank at all. A good example is the word "books" or "book". Trying to go after a keyword like that is impossible. At least if your a start up company. It would take so many links to break a keyword like that, Over a million links. Do you think thatís possible. It might be if you have a huge amount of money I mean a huge amount. You would be competing with amazon. But you might be able to get a good rank for the term pet books or dog books, Or dog trick books. You see book or books is not really targeted traffic anyway. So when you choose a keyword the best thing you can do is to see if it's possible to compete with the sites in that search term. Also it's very important to understand whatís worth going after.  The number one site usually get most of the traffic and is a prize thatís worth it. Number 2 usually gets 2/3 of the traffic and number 3 gets a good amount of traffic. Once you get past 5th then you have a major drop off. And page gets less than 1% and the 3rd pages even less.

Breaking a keyword phase

  Now that you know what your keyword phase is and how much itís search volume is, you know what your prize is. Remember this is an estimation tool. It just gives you a general idea and this is more of a search volume for yahoo when you us the overture tool. Google get a lot more traffic than yahoo. They get almost 50% where yahoo gets around 30%. The more competitive a keyword phase is the hard it is to rank. But with time and effort you can break in to a number one ranking if you have good on-page and off-page SEO. Just remember that after you have the right amount of keyword density the only thing you need to focus on is your links. The only thing stopping you from being number one for that term is that the other websites have more links than you.  Just get more links and you will break the term and get the highest ranking for your search term. Most people don't know this.

Meta Tags

  I would also suggest using your targeted keyword in your Meta Tags. This includes your title the most important one. Yahoo, MSN & Google all use this as a factor. This will give you an edge when you have a good amount of websites competing for a keyword. The Description Meta Tag is also another one. Keep in mind that most search engines donít use this as a factor so make it visitor friendly.  I would still use it though. Include your targeted keyword in it. The last one is the Keyword Meta tag. Donít put any useless keywords in this. Most search engines donít take this in to account. In fact most donít use this at all. But you should know that yahoo does take this as a factor. So if you want to rank in yahoo then take the time to optimize and just put your targeted keywords only. Information about Meta Tags

Content is the key

  Even a well linked site can still never get ranking in search results. Donít make all flash sites. And make sure you have a descent amount of content on the page you intend to target. You need a good amount but not a super page of words. Remember the best thing you can do is to target the keywords then write the content. You might try writing the content then find a place to sneak it in. You donít always have to use the exact keyword phase. You can break up the words if you have to. But using the exact phase with give a big boost and you will need less links.

Not every link is equal

  Remember that itís not always how many links but what kind of quality links you have. You should try to get links from indexed pages that are in Google. With a heavy PageRank. This is not always easy. They will also have to be links without the nofollow tag. You will even get a boost if itís related to your site topic or page topic. Just remember that a link from a heavy PageRank webpage is worth its weight and time and effort. This could be worth a hundred or more links.  Try not to use the exact phase in to many links to your webpage in to little short of a time this will cause a red flag to go off and you will get penalized of a XX amount of time in search results.

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