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Domain Inform (Section 1) - Domain Name Basics & Ideas

So your looking to start your online company, but you need to pick out a domain name the will work for your business. Domain Inform wants you to register a domain name that works for you. If your going to register a domain name then you're going to need some information about domains. This section will cover all the basic stuff you need to pick and register a domain name for your online business. Registering a domain name is easy, you just need a push in the right direction. We'll give you everything you need to pick a domain that works for you.

Selecting A Domain Name
We'll review some basic points to consider when choosing a domain name.

The Negitives Of Choosing To Use A Subdomain
We'll descuss the draw backs of using a subdomain and how this can harm you in the long run.

The A-B-Cs of Domain Name Registration
Before you register a domain name, know the facts. There are thousands of possibilities for your domain name but you can only choose one domain name for a website. So, you must make it count! Here are some basic pointers when you register a domain name.

3 Reasons To Get A Domain Name
We’ve all heard about free web hosting. Why should I pay for something I can get for free. Well if you’re looking to start an online business then think again. Using a free hosting service can really cripple your online business in ways you could never imagine.

The Importance Of Domain Names
Domain Names are becoming increasingly more important in our personal lives, in our work environments and in business circles. Why is it important to register a domain name?

Domain Names - The Remembrance Factor
When choosing a domain name it is important to choose the right one. This section talks about keeping it simple and easy to remember. Also some tips to keep in mind when choosing a domain name. Register a domain name that makes it easy for people to remember.

Domain Names - Thinking About The Future
When choosing a domain name is it important to think about the future. We'll talk about your future plans and things to keep in mind when deciding a domain name. Also things that might hurt you when choosing a domain name.

3 Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name
Their are several things to consider when you register a domain name. Here are 3 quick tips when going though the domain name registration process. I wish you the best in your quest to find the best domain name.

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Business
This section is for businesses, mostly if your selling a service or product. This contains a check list and advice on what to do when picking a domain name for commercial purposes. It also talks about trust, credibility, and first impressions when you choose a domain name.

Additional Things To Think About When You Choose A Domain Name
This section was made to explore other ways to choose a domain name. We will cover three different ways that you can choose a domain name using your own name, your business name, or a keyword based domain name.

How To Pick A Domain Name Using Keywords
This section is to help you get your creative mind to work when choosing a domain name. You might try using keywords in your domain name. Most search engine traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This section talks about how to get an edge when it comes to search engines. Just one more step in the right direction when you register domain name.

How Having A Domain Name Can Generate You Income
You will be able to make your site unique. It will also allow you to do the most important task of optimizing your site for high rankings in search engines.

The Domain Name An Over View
Whether for business or personal use, before before you can build a website you first need a domain name. We'll talks about an advanced over view when choosing a domain name.

A List Of Every Domain Extension Available
So we all know that when you register a domain name that the (.com) is the best extension you can get. What if you find the perfect name and it's already taken. We've included a list of every domain extension you can register a domain name under. This does not include subdomains of every country you can register a domain name under. This list does include every country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) and every generetic Top Level Domain (gTLD) you can register a domain name under.