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(Section 5) Things That Don't Really Make A Difference
To Your Website!

  This section was made with the hopes that it will save people a lot of (Wasted time) on promotional efforts that don't really pay off that much. Yes they are rumored to help but do they? Is it worth my time Vs. what I get back from it? the answer is yes they help but they really don't help that much. They won't hurt you to try but just buy reading below you could save yourself many hours of time. Domain Inform wants to help, if we can save you a big hassle then it was worth writing this next section.

  So if you were ever wondering about click exchange programs here are some notes that might save you a lot of time and money. Most people believe that they should be getting a lot more traffic than they do. The Click Exchange Program is the idea that you click on me I'll click on you! This section will take a look and see if the results are worth the website promotion that others have give it.

  You know the TopLists the ones they always ask you to vote. This section is about FAA Pages. FAA Pages are for sites that have a common subject you go one a site and then they have a list and they ask you to vote. Whoever has the most votes gets to be at the top of the list of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & so on....... We'll cover FAA pages more in-depth and will talk about the up and the downs of using an FAA service.

  Website Awards, what does it really mean to win one of these awards, does that make your site have more creditability does it mean anything? Will it help get me more traffic? Will it help at all? Maybe, but could just make the webmaster feel better about himself.

(Section 5D) TopSites
  TopSites are site lists focused around a common topic, for example clip art, pets, music etc. Sites on these lists are ranked in order of "votes" - the site that gets voted most gets the top place, the site that gets the 2nd biggest amount of votes gets the second place and so on. The voting system is simple; each TopSite member places a link back to the TopSite on his site and for each visitor that clicks the link, the site gets one vote.

(Section 5E) Build Traffic With Usenet Advertising
  If you know how to use Usenet or other similar message forums, you might want to use your skills to build the traffic to your site. There are however some things you should take into consideration before you start sending messages about your newly created site. This page and the tips on it are mainly directed to those who want to perform some Usenet advertising, but most of the things discussed can be easily applied to other online discussion forums as well.

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