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Welcome to Domain Inform (Section 4).

Search Engine Submission - Submit your website To Google, Yahoo & MSN
Ok, So you decided to register a domain. Yahoo, Google and MSN are the 3 major search engines. They account for most of the worlds traffic, about 90% of all website traffic. So this section was made to show you how to get indexed in the 3 majors. We have links to the submission pages. So you got a domain, yahoo charges 299 to get index fast. What if you don't want to pay is their another way? Yes their is. Well show you how to get indexed for free fast. how well lets show you how.

Inbound Links & The Anchor Text
The amount websites that are linking to your website is considered an important part of search engine ranking. their are however somethings you need to consider before you decide to start your link building campaign.

The Difference Between The Top 3 Search Engines
Have you ever wondered what makes Yahoo different From Google or Yahoo different from MSN. They all use different methoid when deciding how a website will rank in their index.

6 Ways To Attract Search Engines Spiders To Your Website
So you want to get more traffic to your website. We will talk about 6 ways to get search engines to spider your website more often. If search engines visit your site that means they are indexing and this will help them to rank your website in search results. This will then result in traffic to your website.

The Google Sandbox & PageRank
Are you just starting in the website and domain name game? Ever heard of the Google Sandbox? Ever heard of the Google PageRank? If not you need to know about it. PageRank has a lot do with how high you get in search results and if your in the Sandbox your not going anywhere fast. let's find out why.

Google Webmaster Tools
When you first get indexed in Google the first thing you need to do is to sign-up with Google Webmaster Tools. This can show what your showing up in search results for. If Google had any problems crawling your site. It will show you all the links for every page you have indexed. It will also show you if your being penalized by Google. Also if you have foxfire we will show you a way to see what the anchor text used on and link is, if they used nofollow and what the PageRank of the webpage that linked to you. A valuable tool for any body trying to rank in search results in google.

Alexa Traffic Rank
If you've never heard of Alexa then you should know it's part of Amazion. Well at least owned by them. So why would we decide to talk about them? It's simple Alexa is a website that tracks the amount of traffic to every website it has indexed. So you can see how your doing Vs. every other website in the world. Traffic Ranks are from 1 being the highest to 1 million being 1,000,000th place in the world. It's a wonderful think to know. So this is important when tracking your progress on the internet.

Robots.txt What Is It?
The first thing a search engine spider downloads from your website when crawling your site is a your robots.txt file. So what's the importance of this file? Every website out there should have this file. So how do I create this file and how can I use this. This section talks about what this robots.txt file does, What you can when you have one and how to create one. Creating a robots.txt is easy much easier than you think. This should be helpful for anybody try to start a website.

What Is A Sitemap?
When you first build your website and you get indexed you will need a Sitemap. A lot of people think this is hard and can't quite understand how this work but the fact is is very easy. This section explains whay you need a Sitemap. Why search engines like yahoo, MSN and Google all use them. We'll cover how to create one and get all your pages index. It's a lot easier than you think.

What is Rel="nofollow"
If your trying to rank in search results then you need to understand link popularity. A well optimized webpage is no match for a website/webpage with a heavy amount of links pointing to it. So creating links back to your website is important. But what if the links you have are rel=nofollow or rel=external nofollow? You see the link with this tag are worth nothing to search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN. This tag kills link popularity. So If your working on promoting your website you should know about this nofollow code.