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Domain Inform (Section 2) Domain Name Tips & Secrets

Welcome to (section 2) domain tips & secrets. So your ready to register a domain are you. Need traffic to your website? We also have some interesting tips on how you can get a huge amounts of traffic using domain names as tools. Why you should stay away from subdomains. Even show you how to forward a domain using a 301 redirect and mask your domain name.

More Domain Name Tips Using Keywords
Are you still confused about how to incorporate keywords into your domain name. This section talks about tips that will help you in deciding a keyword based domain name. We will go more in-depth about keyword based domain names.

Domain Name Secrets Exposed
We'll expose a a lot of secrets you should know before deciding on a domain name.

Your Domain Names Show That Your Here To Stay
Registering a domain name longer than 1 year can give you that boost in search engine results. This shows Value in search engine such as Google.

Domain Transfers Without Tears
Need to transfer a domain? This section will help save you some tears. If your thinking about transfering a domain name this section is made for you. Let us tell you what the Registrars won’t tell you.

Forwarding Your Domain Name
Most people think you only need one domain name for your business. this can be a critcal mistake when it come to your online business. Google has tons of domain name. We show you why having multiple domain name can ensure that your customer find your website.

Domain Masking
301 redirects are important when it comes to forwarding a domain name. Wouldn't it be nice to mask the domain name so it stays the same even if you website is hosted under a different domain name.

What Is A Domain Name Server (DNS)

So you bought a couple of domain names and you want to forward them to your website. Why won't my 301 redirect work? Why can't I use my domain name to host my website. Well it could be that you domain name server is still setup for a different host or address.

How To Hide Your Personal Information From A Whois Search

When you register a domain name you have the option to hide my domain information form the public eye. Why should I pay the extra money just to hide my personal information.

Using Expired Domain Names - 101
When starting an online business one way to get traffic to your site is by using an expired domain name. In this section we will explain what is an expired domain, and how can this help you in your quest to get traffic to your website. This can be as good as it can be bad. Anybody thinking about buying an expired domain name should check is section out.

Buy A Used Domain Name For Traffic
So you build a website you got indexed but you still don't have traffic yet. It takes time to get traffic from a search engines like Yahoo. Domains are an interesting thing are they? What If I could tell you a way to register a domain and redirect it to your website in a way that could bring thousands of visitors a months right away from a domain. Yahoo could take quite some time to get traffic. Wouldn't it be nice to get traffic now from a already established website or domain. Yahoo forget about it. With this you might even get over 20,000 extra visitors a month to you site, just from a domain. Yahoo eat your heart out.

A List Of Every Domain Extension Available
So we all know that when you register a domain name that the (.com) is the best extension you can get. What if you find the perfect name and it's already taken. We've included a list of every domain extension you can register a domain name under. This does not include subdomains of every country you can register a domain name under. This list does include every country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) and every generetic Top Level Domain (gTLD) you can register a domain name under.  

What Is ICANN?
ICANN is responsible for the global coordination of the Internet's system of unique identifiers. These include domain names like (.org, .museum and country codes like .UK), as well as the addresses used in a variety of Internet protocols. Computers use these identifiers to reach each other over the Internet. This section talks about ICANN & what's role is when you register a domain name.

UK ISSUES - What Is A Detagged Domain
This section talks about detagged domains. What is a detagged domain? Before you ask that question you should know that only UK domains can be detagged. This section talks about what a detagged domain is. How to find out if your domain name has been detagged. Also what you can do if your domain name becomes detagged and how to get a tag restored. This does nnot apply if you do not own a .uk domain extension.

Glossary of Common Domain Name Terms
This is a glossary of terms to help you learn the knowledge in the domain name registration process. Common termanology about the domain industry. It might just help you when you register a domain name or don't quite understand a term that a domain seller uses.